a Sustainable and Responsible Seafood Company

The name Sivani, Synonymous with mother goddess providing all the nourishment the earth needs to supply quality food. Our story epitomizes the revival of age-old traditional values of purity, simplicity, authenticity and earthiness that were practiced by our forefathers for ages unknown. Our products and services reflect a revival of these values that are delivered on a global business platform.

Seafood: Sivani’s core product offering is seafood with rice, lentils and spices as complimenting products. Starting the business with quality seafood, Sivani built relationships with fishers in areas with the best fishing conditions in India. We select producers with the highest quality standards and latest technology and innovation in agriculture science.

Why Choose Us

Passion personified by Perfection and Partnership: Our history goes back to generations after generations into farming. We at Sivani are committed to healthiest food and we know how to deliver on time. We make sure you get the right product at the right price, delivered when you need it. We pay attention to details. We are a premier food commodity company and we continue to blaze new trails, innovating practices and nourishing our people.


We work with most modern, state-of-the-art, full service temperature-controlled warehouses in the United States to ensure ease-of-use, quickest and most accurate, cost-effective fulfillment and delivery experience for every customer of ours. The warehouses ensure the product quality and integrity are maintained during storage and delivery.


  • Selecting & Serving Fresh & Frozen Seafood Safely
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Food Facts
  • Food Safety for Moms-to-Be

Our Core Values

  • Passion is the essence of ‘Why’ we are here at Sivani
  • Perfection is the essence of ‘How’ we do things at Sivani
  • Partnership is the essence of ‘What’ Sivani means to customers, employees and other organizations

Sivani operates on three Ps: Passion, Perfection, and Partnership. Our vision is giving back to community by providing natural, healthy and fresh food products and soon we are going the Organic way. At Sivani, we are continuously striving to transform ourselves into a compelling global business entity that places innovation, execution, and entrepreneurship at the forefront. We aim to conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity and reliability.

Our Products