The Sivani Story

The mother goddess of the earth and her bountifulness is known as Sivani. True to the name, Sivani is rooted in the belief that food should be a natural part of local ecosystems. The agricultural practices should respect the terrain and enrich the local fertility patterns. Age-old values of purity, authenticity, and earthiness intertwined with modern agricultural practices are the basis of Savini. We source from communities with optimal growing conditions for each individual product line. We partner with artisan producers who have produced specific crops for generations; ensuring the quality that is known as Sivani. Sivani boasts a premier list of international suppliers mainly concentrated in India with distribution channels in the United States.

Sivani is more than a brand we are an experience. Our team of professionals have combined years of experience in building a network to support the supply chain to provide the ultimate customer experience in international food sourcing and distribution. We take care to follow HACCP protocols throughout the entire food chain process. Our quality assurance and technical expertise ensure that products reach the customer at the peak of perfection. We carefully handle our product with the care our customers demand to enjoy a long healthy lifestyle.

Why Choose Us

Field to fork, Sivani takes pride in being uncompromisingly discriminating every step in the process. With our history dating back to generations after generations of farming, we are committed to providing a quality, consistent product. The freshness and consistency reminds customers of the reasons they continue to choose Sivani products.

We grow many varieties of vegetables and fruits and are constantly adding to the list. A combination of red fertile soil, Indian summers, cool nights, occasional showers, good agricultural tools and machinery together make a delicious Sivani product. We strive to grow a quality product while executing efficient processing and distribution mechanisms. Our high level of agricultural know-how showcases excellence in processing and establishes trustworthiness with our distributing partners to ensure.

Experts in Fish Industry

Sivani International is a fully integrated seafood distribution company established in the market for Indian Shrimp and Fish. We work with the best fish farmers in the world to deliver the highest quality seafood to customers in local and international markets. We select only the prime fish farmers in the business to be a part of the Sivani brand.

Once the product leaves the farmer we take pride in our advanced information systems giving continuous product visibility. We able to provide shipment updates from point to point. This feedback enhances our excellent customer service.


We envision a world with quality, sustainable, ecosystem friendly, healthy and fresh food selections.


At Sivani, we continuously strive to provide the highest quality products for our customers. Through innovation and technology we are committed to providing right product at the right price, delivered when you need it while paying attention to details.

Our Core Values

Passion, Perfection & Partnership are Sivani’s core values. We are committed to providing a consistent, quality product to our customers. The foundation of our operation is based on providing optimal production processes and following standard industry practices. From farm to fork our customer is our first responsibility.